Organic Gardening In a Sub-Tropical World

The best growing tip I can give you is to choose plants that thrive in your climate
Olman Gardener

I Love Compost

I used to do organic gardening commercially in glasshouses. Now I just stuff around in the backyard. What you read here is entirely my own opinion based on my experiences.

Organic gardening outside in the open is more difficult, in my opinion, compared with growing plants in a controlled environment like a glasshouse. In the garden plants are more exposed and susceptible to the environment, weather events, pest pressure and disease.

But the one thing that can help all your efforts is compost. Adding compost improves the soil, increased the bacteria and fungal life in the soil which leads to more nutrients and minerals being available to the  plants. The increase in soil micro-biology also improves the health and disease resistance of your plants.

I finally invested in the little mini rotary hoe or tiller you see here to turn my compost piles and mix the compost into the garden beds. It works a treat.

Chipper Mulcher

The other other piece of equipment I find invaluable is a chipper-mulcher. It is perfect for turning all of the prunings, palm fronds, bamboo and bark into mulch or to be composted. At the moment it is petrol driven one, my extension cords won’t reach to the back fence where the compost pile is.

It took me a couple of months to make the decision to buy one. You can see a review of the Chinese chipper I purchased clicking the link.

Organic gardening and growing things keeps you active and your mind nimble as you keep learning